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Xcogitate online!

The object of the game is to place all 72 stone on the board.Please read the Xcogitate Rules first. The stone that must be placed is shown to the right of the board. Simply click with the mousepointer on the place of the board where you want to put that stone. If the rules allow it, the stone will be placed, and the next stone is shown!
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Please allow the applet to load, this may take a little time. If you have any problems with this game, please let us know.

if you score at least 100 points, you can store your score and your name on our server.
Make the highscorelist fun to read: use a sensible name instead of a few random characters.

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The highscore has been reset on 01-01-2006. Highscorelists of previous years are available:

view the top 10 of 2002, or view all the scores of 2002
view the top 10 of 2003, or view all the scores of 2003
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The highscore shown on this page, to the right of the board, is your highest score during this session!

Here would be the Xcogitate applet if your browser supported java!

This online game is a limited edition. the Windows or PocketPC version now!

Attention webmasters: do you want xcogitate on your internet or intranet site?
Please send an e-mail to As xcogitate only runs when loaded from our site in our pages, you will need a special version for your site.

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