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L-Mover is a small board game invented by Edward de Bono. On a 4x4 square board, you and your opponent each move your own L shaped piece and possibly one of two little square pieces. You win if your opponent can not move its L ! Sounds simple right? Well, this program shows that a computer can be a formidable opponent: its much more difficult than you think!

You do need a PC with Windows 95/98/NT/2000/ME/XP to run this game. Please go ahead and download L-Mover v1.0: it is FREE!. let us know what you think of this little gem.

this is a screenshot of version 1.0


The rules of L-Mover are simple.
  • The game is played by one human against one computer
  • The human plays with either red or blue
  • Red starts
  • the player first has to move its L, if that is not possible, the player lost the game
  • after the player moved his L, he may move one of the two gray squares
  • this ends his turn
  • you win if your opponent can not make a move
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