PFF Software
Welcome to PFF Software. We are a small, independent game developer. We specialise in creating puzzle and board games for Windows and handhelds. Apart from in-house development, we also do contractwork for others. Please contact us.

Check out our board games Xcogitate and L-Mover or play online.

Current project

Our current project is a new board game called CubeCrush. The game will be available for Windows, PocketPC and web. The Windows version is nearing its completion: the core engine is running and we are designing the graphics and animations. The online version will be free, but will be a limited edition. The pocketpc version will be available through, as shareware: free time- and functionality-limited version, and commercial full version.

Highscorelist of Xcogitate reset per 01-01-2005

As every year, we reset the highscorelist of the online version of Xcogitate, check it out.


Xcogitate is a single player puzzle game. You can download a copy for Windows/PocketPC or play online. The windows version and the pocketpc version are not the same: each has unique features, so play them both!

The PocketPC version of Xcogitate was featured on the september 2003 issue of PDA Essentials.

screenshot of PocketPC version screenshot of windows version


For fractal-fans, tired of the 2 dimensional fractals, we created QJN, a quaternion julia fractal navigator.

Of course this program can be downloaded for free.


You like abstract, perfect information games? We created L_Mover whch is a computer version of Edward de Bono's "L-game". Beating the computer is harder than you think! Grab a copy and let us know what you think.